About The Foundation

In a world that is in desperate need of our Saviour, the John Chapman Foundation has been formed to be a funding arm of Evangelism and New Churches (ENC) to ensure a strong foundation for evangelism in a changing world. ENC is an Anglican ministry first formed through the Department of Evangelism in 1914, where John Chapman served as Director for more than 25 years. The Foundation is accountable to Trustees, who include experienced lay people and clergy of the Sydney Anglican Diocese, with the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney as President.

“ John Chapman has served the cause admirably for many decades. His ministry has been instrumental in the salvation of many thousands of people, and in the shaping of an entire generation of preachers.

The John Chapman Foundation honours John by funding the vital work of evangelism, the training of evangelists, and the planting of new churches and fellowships across Sydney. I cannot think of a more crucial and important ministry at this time, as we seek to reach a nation with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I commend it to your prayers, and I urge you to generously invest in and support the work of the Foundation. ”

- Peter Jensen, former Archbishop of Sydney


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