Legacy Gift / Bequest

You Can Leave a Lasting Impact

Leaving a legacy in your will is one of the easiest ways to have a lasting impact on future generations – and it will cost you nothing today. There are many ways to leave a legacy, but perhaps the simplest and most valuable is to leave a residual legacy. This means that whatever amount remains in your estate after all your other wishes are carried out will come to the John Chapman Foundation.

Below is a summary of the different kinds of legacy gifts you can leave in your will today.

•     A residual legacy or the ‘residue’ or remainder of your estate once the needs of your family and others have been considered

•     A percentage of your estate

•     A specific amount of money

•     A life insurance or superannuation policy

•     Assets such as shares, property, works of art, jewellery, etc.

•     An investment in perpetuity

Because leaving a legacy is such an important decision, we want to be sure to answer every question you may have – contact our office for further details.  

If you would like to register with our office in making your bequest, please contact the Director of the John Chapman Foundation at info@newchurches.org.au

The wording for a bequest for the John Chapman Foundation is as follows:

I give *either the sum of …………………. (words or figures), or …………………………….. (words or figures) percentage of my estate, to the John Chapman Foundation for the general purposes (or specific purpose) of the Foundation, and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer of the Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the executor.

*if the gift is of shares or real property or art work then sufficient words to identify same should be substituted.

Beneficiary – John Chapman Foundation (ABN 13 971 284 724)

Will Clause – “I give [details of bequest i.e. percentage of estate, amount of legacy or specific items of personal and/or real property]to the John Chapman Foundation (ABN 13 971 284 724)  to be used at the absolute discretion of the Foundation for its evangelistic purposes”. 



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